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Who are you?
Alison Ellerbrook

I'm Alison Ellerbrook and I understand that small businesses don't always have the time or skills to promote their business online. 

I have over 12 years' experience in digital, marketing working with both a large national brand and in a small online business.  In the early days of social media, I built up an ecommerce brand which I sold in 2016.  After this I dabbled with employment, working in marketing for the UK's largest conservation charity. 


Now I'm using my experience and skills to help organisations to grow their online presence.  Having previously run my own business, I understand the need to make every penny and every minute count and can advise how to use digital marketing channels to promote your brand without it costing the earth.

I'm a story teller, a relationship builder and a strategist with a love of the North East of England and a great understanding of the local market, all of which make me ideally positioned to help your North East business reach and engage your local customers online.

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"Finding Alison was a God send. She was instrumental in helping us define our social media marketing strategy and in building the followers we currently have. She was proactive in all aspects providing guidance and suggestions  even outside the scope of her work. Her posts and engagement on Facebook and Instagram were original and imaginative and really fit with our company identity. She managed both our Facebook and Instagram accounts with very little interaction from us and to be honest none was needed. We had full confidence in her ability to maintain our message  and organically grow our following on both platforms. 


We would definitely recommend Alison to anyone or business looking for an excellent social media manager/consultant and we look forward to working with Alison again soon."




"I contacted Alison for help and guidance on a strategic marketing plan to move my business forward.  Alison came with fresh eyes and ideas and I knew instantly I could work with her, she was knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, logical and motivating.  After several meetings she got an in-depth understanding of my business and areas for improvement, and put together a comprehensive marketing plan detailing exactly what needed to take my business forward, and most importantly how to do it.  
Now I have a plan of action, I am able to implement the changes and I am immediately seeing a huge shift in social media traffic, enquiries into my business and a drive up in sales."  P.B.


"Alison knows online marketing. She built her business using social media, PR and good relationships. Having taken this path herself she is perfectly positioned to grow your business using her invaluable toolkit." K.M

"Alison's social media content has style and grace, and has been used in the past to successfully build up her own online retail brand, a business since sold. She's a joy to work with."  D.G

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But, what's a singing hinny?

Ah, so you're not from round these parts?

Singing hinnies are a scone-like, griddle cake traditionally made in Northumberland.  Hinny is a term of endearment (a Northumbrian pronunciation of 'honey') and the singing refers to the sizzle the lard makes when it hits the hot griddle pan.